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This category is reserved for the course RHCE. This category of Penguinbliss may helpful for people who are planning to study this course without spending any money. Please note, I am sharing the learning experience I grabbed from RHEL 5.5. But this gives the thorough basics of RHCE course. In RHEL6, only virtualization and basic scripting are coming along in addition to RHEL5.5.

Jan 23

Proper Method To Change Default Mysql Engine Permanently

Here the mysql engine is set to InnoDB by default and I want to change it to MyISAM for long run. It was the old way setting parameter “skip-innodb” and commenting “innodb_file_per_table=1” in my.cnf file. Additionally we used to execute mysql query “SET storage_engine=MYISAM;”. Now a days, the above changes wont work and perhaps the …

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