Category: cPanel/WHM

Mar 04

Login fails to Roundcube, Horde, Squirrel in Webmail

Do the solution steps as mentioned here for the following error you see in Roundcube, Horde and Squirrel mails after successfully logging in webmail. ==== Login failed because your username or password was entered incorrectly ==== #First check the domain name is there in files /etc/localdomains or /etc/remotedomains depends on its local or remote mail …

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Jan 23

Proper Method To Change Default Mysql Engine Permanently

Here the mysql engine is set to InnoDB by default and I want to change it to MyISAM for long run. It was the old way setting parameter “skip-innodb” and commenting “innodb_file_per_table=1” in my.cnf file. Additionally we used to execute mysql query “SET storage_engine=MYISAM;”. Now a days, the above changes wont work and perhaps the …

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Nov 01

Import mails from a non cPanel server

It’s easy for us to import emails over between two cPanel servers, no matter we are migrating 50 or 100 accounts or so, its an easy job to do via WHM or even via backend of cPanel servers. But what if your task to migrate over all emails from a non cPanel server. aahh now …

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Oct 27

PHP 5.4 : Strict standards : Non-static methods called statically

I got the following error while loading up a domain running on php 5.4 ======================= Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::import() should not be called statically in /home/user/public_html/libraries/joomla/import.php on line 29 Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::register() should not be called statically in /home/user/public_html/libraries/joomla/loader.php on line 71 Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::import() should not be called statically …

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Oct 08

Legacy filter_module syntax causing 500 error in apache 2.4

Hey, sometimes you may come up with the following error in error log which is actually causing by legacy filter_module syntax on the htaccess file. ====================== [Sun Oct 06 18:20:24.119633 2013] [core:alert] [pid 47884] [client 5.x.x.x:54039] /home/user/public_html/.htaccess: FilterProvider takes three arguments, filter-name provider-name match-expression [Sun Oct 06 18:20:31.705923 2013] [core:alert] [pid 48315] [client 157.x.x.x:46020] /home/user/public_html/.htaccess: …

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Sep 27

Trim down load in server without killing your current running process.

It’s a fact that while we initiate some cpu or memory consumable process or job, the load in server goes high and sometimes the server become unresponsive. But what if the situation is same everytime especially in case of shared servers. The processess like pkgacct, copying, moving high sized files/folders can’t be ignored at the …

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Jun 21

Apachebooster – For speedy webserver

ApacheBooster is a integration of nginx and varnish, this Plugin will reduce the server load spike and memory usage. Also the plugin will provide the maximum performance of your websites. Varnish Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that …

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May 10

cPanel Internal PHP or 3rd party PHP is not working.

I came into an issue like I was not able to install softaculous in server since the 3rd party php in cPanel was broken. The cPanel version in server was 11.36. The following has had no output. ======== # /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php -v # ======== Unfortunately there is not script “/scripts/makecpphp” available on cPanel latest verion 11.36, …

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May 01

PHP compilation error : “configure: error: PDO_MYSQL configure failed. Please check config.log”

Do the following 🙂 yum install libmcrypt-devel mhash-devel libtidy-devel freetds-devel

Apr 30

Disable Recursive DNS in cPanel server.

Edit the /etc/named.conf file After the “CONTROLS” section, add the following: acl “trusted” {; YOUR IP 1; YOUR IP2; }; options { directory “/var/named”; version “not currently available”; allow-recursion { trusted; }; allow-notify { trusted; }; allow-transfer { trusted; }; dump-file “data/cache_dump.db”; statistics-file “data/named_stats.txt”; memstatistics-file “data/named_mem_stats.txt”; }; Remove the other “OPTIONS” section in your …

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