Change Server Time Zone

To change the server time zone do the following steps

mv /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.bk
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Requiredtimezone /etc/localtime

After this you need to restart mysql to correct it mysql time.
Steps to check mysql and server time are correct

# date +%s
# mysql

Check if both time matches.

In WHM, you can do it in Main >> Server Configuration >> Server Time.

Issue when try to add new IP address in VPS server

This is something generic to uncommon errors, this issue arises when we try to add new IP in vps server.

When we click on the option “Add a New IP Address” under IP Functions on WHM, we get the following error sometimes.

“To add, edit, or remove IPs, please contact your server administrator”

This can be solved by adding the new IP manually in two seperate files of VPS server.

1) One is, add the IP in the format like –> IP Address + Netmask to /etc/ips inside the correct VPS to which you wish to add the new IP

* Restart ipaliases (/etc/init.d/ipaliases restart)

2) Secondly, by standing in the main node, add the IP in vps configuration file.

For example, if virtual server ID is 123,

* vi /etc/vz/conf/123.conf

* search for line “IP_ADDRESS”

– Add your new IP in the line IP_ADDRESS=”x.x.x.x y.y.y.y z.z.z.z”

* Restart the VPS (vzctl restart 123)

* Done and your new IP is added, you can see the new IP in “Show IP Address Usage” of WHM.


Enable Wildcard E-mail

Just like wildcard domains, there is a technique exists for routing mails send to non-existing email accounts to a legitimate email account situated in a particular domain. This method can generally be called as Wildcard E-mail.

Suppose a client open up a ticket where he is requested to set a wilcard email to, where this email account is an existing one in his domain. And he wants all mails sending to wild.* non existing account and the “*” could be anything) would be delivered to

The above request can be fulfilled by setting the following Account Level Filtering rule.

Put a Filter name as ‘wildcard’ or something identifiable name

Then Rule as, “To <–> begins” with

keyword as ‘wild’ ( where ‘wild’ here means any non existing email accounts starting with that term, ie wild.*, the client wanted here)

Actions, “Redirect to email” <—> “”

You are done!!!

From now onwards mails sending to wild.*, ie wild1, wild123, wild*** etc would be delivered to