Manually rearrange domains due to disk space warnings

If you see home partition space warnings and you want to move high sized account from it to second home partition, you can either do it from WHM Home » Account Functions » Rearrange an Account. Doing it from WHM interface is good for accounts that have less size. Say if the account has size over 10GB or 15GB or so, go for manual move.

But please note that when moving it manually, you should make the changes in following areas. Otherwise you gonna jeopardize the account.

Suppose if you are moving a high sized account “test” from /home to  /home2

– First step move it from /home to /home2

#mv -f /home/test /home2/

Now the rest of changes in all necessary config files.

#replace /home/ /home2/ — /var/cpanel/userdata/test/*
#replace /home/ /home2/ — /etc/proftpd/test
#replace /home/test /home2/test — /etc/passwd
#replace /home/test /home2/test — /home2/test/etc/*/passwd


#/etc/init.d/httpd restart

#/etc/init.d/pure-ftpd restart

You are done 🙂