cPanel/WHM Autofixer

 The autofixer can be envoked two ways:

 /scripts/autorepair <script name>

 or in WHM: (and enter the name of the script)

 So for instance, if you wanted to repair a broken SSH configuration and you can't access SSH on your server,
 there is a script called "safesshrestart" in the autofixer repository that you can run:

 Alternatively, you can pass the script through /scripts/autorepair.

                   Commonly used autofixers (taken from the cPanel Documentation)

                   * test : Test autofixer on your system, nothing gets changed.
                   * bsdbindfix : Resolve port issue with BIND 9.
                   * compresszlibfix : Fix for compress zlib error.
                   * dbdmysql : DBD::mysql fix for older version of Red Hat (i.e. 7.3).
                   * fpindexfile : Fix for FrontPage index.
                   * iptablesflush : Flush iptables rules from WHM if you are firewalled from SSH access.
                   * libxml64fix : Fix for libXML on 64-bit systems.
                   * resellerresourceacctounts : Fix for reseller resource accounts.
                   * safesshrestart : Restores SSH Config and restarts SSH, should you be locked out.
                   * vfilterfix : Restores /etc/vfilters files.
                   * yumduprpmfix : This script will attempt to locate and resolve any duplicate RPMs

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