Enable Wildcard E-mail

Just like wildcard domains, there is a technique exists for routing mails send to non-existing email accounts to a legitimate email account situated in a particular domain. This method can generally be called as Wildcard E-mail.

Suppose a client open up a ticket where he is requested to set a wilcard email to test@mydomain.com, where this email account is an existing one in his domain. And he wants all mails sending to wild.*@mydomain.com(a non existing account and the “*” could be anything) would be delivered to test@mydomain.com.

The above request can be fulfilled by setting the following Account Level Filtering rule.

Put a Filter name as ‘wildcard’ or something identifiable name

Then Rule as, “To <–> begins” with

keyword as ‘wild’ ( where ‘wild’ here means any non existing email accounts starting with that term, ie wild.*@mydomain.com, the client wanted here)

Actions, “Redirect to email” <—> “test@mydomain.com”

You are done!!!

From now onwards mails sending to wild.*@mydomain.com, ie wild1, wild123, wild*** etc would be delivered to test@mydomain.com.

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