How to Add SRV record?

The information provided to you for adding SRV record should be looking like as follows:

My SRV record information
Record Type: SRV
Service: _mytestingsrv
Protocol: _tcp
Port: 443
Weight: 0
Priority: 0
TTL: 300

There is an order to add these records in zone file. Go to WHM >> Home » DNS Functions » Edit DNS Zone. Open the particular domains zone file. Then choose a new field to add up record, select SRV from the selection list.
Now the order should be as “service.protocol 300 IN SRV Priority Weight Port Target(in Hostname field)”

According to my above record information, I have entered the SRV record as follows:

_mytestingsrv._tcp 300 IN SRV 0 0 443

Click save and check SRV record for the domain using DIG command 🙂

$ dig srv

;; ANSWER SECTION: 288 IN SRV 0 0 443

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