“r1soft-setup –get-key” failed

I tried the command “r1soft-setup –get-key” to fetch the public key from CDP server and it showed up the following error unexpectadly.

root@server [~]# r1soft-setup –get-key http://37.x.x.x
Couldnt connect to remote host
Unable to get key from remote CDP Server

You can manually configure the key by doing the below steps:

1) Login on to CDP server front end panel
2) Click on “Configuration” on the left-bottom menu
3) Copy the Public Key from the page.
4) On the CDP agent(the server you are trying to configure to r1soft), touch a new file naming the IP of CDP server, like as follows:

#touch /usr/sbin/r1soft/conf/server.allow/37.x.x.x (37.x.x.x is the IP of CDP server)

5) Paste the Public Key of CDP server into this file without any white spaces.
6) Also white list the CDP server IP in the agent firewall.
7) Test the connection to CDP agent from r1soft panel while trying to add a new server to it. Go to Servers >> Add Server. If everything successfull, then you should get the following message status on the screen.

Successfully communicated with Agent!
Resolving Internet Address

Resolved hostname to: 82.x.x.x
Connecting to Agent

Successfully connected to Agent
Authenticating with Agent

Authenticated with Agent

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