Category: Linux

Nov 01

Import mails from a non cPanel server

It’s easy for us to import emails over between two cPanel servers, no matter we are migrating 50 or 100 accounts or so, its an easy job to do via WHM or even via backend of cPanel servers. But what if your task to migrate over all emails from a non cPanel server. aahh now …

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Nov 01

PHP code error : “Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed”

The function reference “&” has already been deprecated in use from php versions over 5.3 and so. You only need to remove the symbol “&” with the function argument. Suppose if it is like below in the code array_function(&$files); make it change to array_function($files); Reload the webpage and see…..tadangg 🙂

Oct 28

How to extract .jpa archive file? :)

Some clients may approach you with the backup file as .jpa archive(joomlapack) which cannot extract using the usual tools available in server. This can be done by using the third party script Akeeba Extract Wizard. Download the Akeeba pack from here Upload the kickstart zip archive again in public_html or in the same folder …

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Oct 27

PHP 5.4 : Strict standards : Non-static methods called statically

I got the following error while loading up a domain running on php 5.4 ======================= Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::import() should not be called statically in /home/user/public_html/libraries/joomla/import.php on line 29 Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::register() should not be called statically in /home/user/public_html/libraries/joomla/loader.php on line 71 Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::import() should not be called statically …

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Oct 08

Legacy filter_module syntax causing 500 error in apache 2.4

Hey, sometimes you may come up with the following error in error log which is actually causing by legacy filter_module syntax on the htaccess file. ====================== [Sun Oct 06 18:20:24.119633 2013] [core:alert] [pid 47884] [client 5.x.x.x:54039] /home/user/public_html/.htaccess: FilterProvider takes three arguments, filter-name provider-name match-expression [Sun Oct 06 18:20:31.705923 2013] [core:alert] [pid 48315] [client 157.x.x.x:46020] /home/user/public_html/.htaccess: …

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Sep 10

Snoopy logger

Snoopy logger is a powerful utility which makes the admin work more easy by providing a log of commands executed via shell. It logs each and every users shell command executions to “/var/log/secure”. We can later check the log and recognize the user and the command it executed from the uid. I am pasting a …

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